Lucid Shield Review — Is LucidShield Face Shield Any Good?

Abbie Rodriguez
4 min readDec 27, 2020


LucidShield Anti-Fog Radical Alternative Transparent Face Shield : Is It Useful & Legit? >> An important product that is a Transparent face mask with three layers, read the entire usage & details.

Are you looking for a double strap durable face-mask? The United States-based company has introduced a durable face-mask to combat the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The world is struggling with the pandemic.

Are you a survivor as yet? Do you have the everyday go-getter schedule?

If yes, then to survive and be on the safer side form the spread of the infection of this deadly disease is a good quality face mask.

With a high-quality face mask, you can survive and stay on the safer side from the spread of the infection of this fatal disease.

This review is about LucidShield, a transparent facemask with three layers.

How does LucidShield guard assist human beings?

lucidshield dirt free respiration protect seems to be one of the few products available in the market at present to be certified for usage by using humans as a safety degree against pathogens and pollution both. this product has been made of a special kind of material and is absolutely obvious.

The quality aspect approximately this fabric is that it’s far absolutely breathable so even the folks who use spectacles do now not must fear the fog formation on their glasses.

This mask enables the consumer to live covered from any type of pathogens or pollution and additionally be capable of roaming in open with being able to breathe without problems and additionally show his or her face completely.

The fabric used in these masks has been made with the assist of the earloop era so it fits the face of each person and reasons no infection even supposing worn for hours. lucid defend easy respiratory shield, for this reason, feels like nothing to cowl the face even though it maintains protecting the person from serious issues.

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What is LucidShield?

LucidShield is a transparent facemask that consists of three layers. Made by a United States-based company, LucidShield is double-strap and durable, designed to combat the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re a survivor of the pandemic or you operate on an everyday go-getter schedule, this mask could be one of the best weapons to protect you against the impact of the scourge.

Getting Started with LucidShield

According to their sales page, only a few pieces of the product are remaining. The producer urges interested users to grab the few pieces remaining before the stock is depleted. It might take time to replace new stock, so the sooner you get yours, the better.

Step 1: Choose your offer.

Currently, LucidShield is available for purchase on the official website. The product is available in three offers:

1x LucidShield at $39 instead of $78 (50% discount)

2x LucidShield + 1 free at $26 each

3x LucidShield + 2 free at $20 each

The second option is the best seller, according to the manufacturer. Instead of paying $234, you grab the package for only $79. For the third option, you grab the entire package for only $99 instead of paying $390.

Step 2: Payment details

The company offers a secure payment method with no hidden commissions. You can pay through major debit or credit cards. You only need to enter your payment details and wait for the supplier to ship your product.

Step 3: Contact information

Once you place your order, you need to provide your contact details. The company will use this information to guide them on where to ship your product. This is simple; you only need to provide your first and last names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

As soon as the supplier receives all the information needed from you, they start the shipping process. According to the manufacturer, every order comes with free shipping.

Advantages of LucidShield

3 layers for maximum protection
Discounted price (50% discount on all orders currently)
Free shipping
Made in the U.S.A
Not gender-specific
Disadvantages of LucidShield

Limited stock
Online purchase through the official website only
No information on what it’s made of
LucidShield Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a high-quality facemask to protect you from the effect of the pandemic, LucidShield could be the solution. According to the manufacturer, the product might run out of stock soon due to high number of orders they are currently facing. You can place your order securely on their official website.

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