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Abbie Rodriguez
5 min readDec 24, 2020

exodus effect by pastor andrew — For Sale

The Exodus Effect is a complete at-home true holy anointed oil cannabis recipe book from Divine Origins Health where Pastor Andrew details the missing ingredients proof found in the Bible can unlock the secrets to a real CBD-based healing protocol.

Who developed this guide?

The creator of Exodus Effect is Pastor Andrew from Divine Origins. The self-proclaimed theology expert used the information he knows about the Bible to develop the content and tips for readers. He claims that the use of this oil is what maintained the health of the Israelites when they were lost. Consumers that may have other questions can reach out to customer service via phone call (1–877–334–3257) or email : ( ).

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In addition to the Exodus Effect System, consumers will also be offered three bonuses, which are:

Divine Pet: a guide that informs consumers of the benefits of Anointed Oil for pets (i.e. cats and dogs)

The Lazarus Effect: tips and secrets that will supposedly add, 5, 10 or even 15 years to one’s life

Hidden Prayers: As the name implies, this guide contains prayers, namely 33, which were believed to be hidden at some point regarding the Holy Oil.

The entirety of this system will cost consumers a total of $47. The reason for revealing said hidden ingredient, as per Pastor Andrew, is to ensure that those who follow the Christian faith do not shut down the secret ingredient, i.e. cannabis. The latter is a result of the Bible indicating that the Holy Spirit lives in each and everyone’s body and that anything harmful should not be ingested. Now that it has been revealed that cannabis might be “God’s healing oil,” consumers are urged to educate themselves on the plant.
About Exodus Effect Book:

The departure impact is a book that will show you how to make the uncommon recipe known as the blessing oil with fixings that are anything but difficult to bear. Minister Andrew, the writer of this Exodus Effect book says that the blessing oil will supercharge your invulnerability and help your body battle against different infections. It could likewise help in hindering maturing.

In spite of the fact that the routine depicted in The Exodus Effect isn’t intended to essentially give the client a life expectancy like the individuals of the scriptural occasions, it might, be that as it may, have a few different advantages, such as forestalling epilepsy and different ailments, keep malignancy from spreading, diminish tension and gives a general enhancement for your wellbeing.

The Exodus Effect audit proposes that the creation organization instructs the utilization of cannabis oil and the impact guarantees that the holy book suggests the utilization of cannabis oil through an interpretation mistake that kept the world from encountering it.

Writings in the Bible expresses that our progenitors used to live long life expectancies despite the fact that they need progressions and present day meds. In spite of, presently with every one of those created advances, current individuals don’t make it close to age 100.

The video, Complete Exodus Effect System is an unquestionable requirement watch to pick up the full extension. It is said that the lost fixing changes blessed oil as a minor Holy Symbol which minister Andrew alludes to as the ‘enchantment oil’.

Through this program, you will gain proficiency with the advantages of CBD and cannabis oil. You will likewise figure out how to make this oil at home and they will give bit by bit guidelines to you.

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How Does Exodus Effect Work?

Our experts has plenty of experience pertaining to Exodus Effect to investigate reliability that will suggest if or not Exodus Effect presents on it has the promises.

Exodus Effect s easy-to-use capacities will please several different users. We recommend Exodus Effect for all of users. The enable available is rather exceptional.

That is the reason why we dont let internet websites the Exodus Effect generate false promises and use you, instead most people use self-sufficient real reading user reviews to exhibit the Exodus Effects fantastic, features, positives and negatives.

There is actually a a variety of relief this Exodus Effect owner harmonizes with the Clickbank (most safe and sound and responsible e-payment company that you can buy since 1990s) plus guarantee to grant your cash back when you are not happy with the Exodus Effect s operation and benefits.

Exodus Effect Now the moment youve been waiting for: our bottom line on Exodus Effect. First off, we like that Exodus Effect is backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and there are some testimonials posted on the Exodus Effect official website.

The price is likewise not a lot if you agree the occupation Exodus Effect does indeed. I believe you also have the same way i believe now plus return listed here to leave an attractive feedback to support others make your mind up. I also prefer to thank so that you can Our coaches and teams for examining Exodus Effect out of all areas sincerely. You males are doing a great occupation here and even contributing to brew a trusted plus clean website environment that you can buy Exodus Effect. You will have a great site and the majority of informative, helps us in making an up to date choices, please keep up to date the fine work.

The initial part is that you’ll have more vitality to do the things that you love. Your torment will be died down, and you won’t should be subject to addictive torment medicine. You’ll have the option to accomplish more incredible exercises without getting excessively drained. It comes at a reasonable cost so everybody can utilize this item to improve their life, regardless of the amount they make. What’s more, the Exodus Effect framework tells you the best way to take advantage of your sacred blessed Oil with the goal that you carry on with your best life.

The first con is that you have to pay shipping in order to receive the anointing oil. It is not available to be purchased in stores. The second con is that the program guide is only available when you’re connected to the internet. The third con is that there is no physical book. There’s only a digital download.

There are a lot of mysteries around what this product does for users, but you can learn more by purchasing the book and learning how to make the miracle oil from your home itself.


So far mentioned in the Exodus Effect review, the Exodus Effect can sometimes appeal to the Christian faith, a tie-in to the fact that God can speak to us in mysterious ways and there is much more to it about real, true anointed oil when applying the Exodus effect.

Click Here to Order The Exodus Effect From The Official Website Now

Those who buy the Complete Exodus Effect System will get instant access to the Exodus Effect book. You will also get an opportunity to join the Pray Warriors’ Network all at the same time. The Sacred Healing Oath of sixty days makes it, even more, a no-risk decision. The aim of this book is to make life easier and prosperous by embracing peace.